Below is a list of things you should check with your contractor.

  1. Contractor-ChecklistIs the contractor licensed in the category of work he or she will be doing?
  2. You should verify that the license is current and up to date.
  3. You should verify that the holder of the license qualifies the company you are hiring.
  4. Does the contractor have liability insurance?
  5. Does the contractor have workman’s comp insurance?
  6. Does the contractor have at least 3 years or experience in the trade?
  7. Make sure that everything is done with a permit.
  8. Make sure that the name of the contractor you hired is the same on the permit.
  9. Once the installation is complete, make sure that the contractor has scheduled the final inspection with the correct municipality.
  10. Find out about the warranties of the products before you sign a contract.
  11. Find out how long the contractor has been in business.
  12. Make sure that you receive a written contract that outlines all    the details of the work to be done.
  13. Do they service the products they installed?
  14. Do they replace rotten bucks?
  15. How much will the permit cost?
  16. Will they be able to supply you with at least 3 references?